Crisis of the holiday home in Rome?

Crisis of the holiday home in Rome? here is an alternative

The priority is to convert their holiday home to a mid-term rents to non-resident customers who, for reasons of temporary transfer, decide to rent a furnished house.

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Why convert a holiday home to mid term rentals ?

We are confident that many establishments are currently experiencing a significant drop in short-term bookings. This is due to two fundamental factors; the first concerns the known contingencies of the moment, which accentuate the drop in the tourist presence in our Italian territory in general and Roman in particular.

The second concerns the considerable proliferation of tourist accommodation structures and holiday homes throughout the territory.

To those who managed a holiday home, for some months now it will certainly have happened to observe the dynamics of a sharp decrease in the booking rate.

For this reason, in order to optimize the performance of their homes so far managed as accommodation facilities, many of our customers have decided to convert their holiday home structure into a rented apartment for medium term with transitory contracts of 6-12-18 months, with a fixed monthly fee and expenses to be paid by the tenant (electricity, gas, condominium etc ..).

These contracts are drawn up following the reference legislation (see here). Further information also on the page of this article on blog.affitti


The selection on customers is obviously the keystone. The tenants for this type of rent are selected on the basis of a protocol and specific requirements (Non-residence – Real demonstrability of the assumption of transience – Economic reliability)

In this way, we can guarantee our customers a stabilization of rental income, with contracts for transitory use, with a dry coupon regime if with “natural persons” or otherwise for corporate – corporate customers.

All our customers are fully satisfied with the conversion, having already found, with an average based on the last twelve months, that the economic proceeds of their structure, net of maintenance, consumption, condominium and problem solving interventions, have yielded a figure slightly below what is now the average proceeds obtainable from medium-term transitional contracts in which all the consumptions and condominium charges are borne by the tenant.


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