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Is it possible to rent a house through 100% online procedure? The answer, in the times of the health emergency we are experiencing, is actually more complex than it would be in ordinary conditions. The idealista / news portal asked for further clarifications from the experts in the sector.

Theoretically, in fact, all the conditions and tools to sign a lease contract already exist digitally, without the need for the parties (lessor, lessee, real estate agent) to meet physically. As also happens for sales, virtual visits and video calls allow you to “visit” a home remotely; while online procedures and digital signature allow you to sign and register a lease valid for all purposes.

How to visit a home remotely

More and more used, and now among the essential measures to continue operating in the real estate field, are virtual visits, technology allows you to visit a home through the screen of a computer, tablet or even from your smartphone.
real estate agents are able to manage a virtual visit even in a video call with several people connected simultaneously, each from their own homes and without the need to meet physically

How to register a lease online
Once the agreement between the parties has been found through the virtual visits of the house, however, it is necessary to register the lease. Even non-expert customers can sign digitally signed documents, for some time the technological tools have existed to fulfill all obligations electronically.
It is also possible to register the lease online without having to go personally to the territorial offices of the Agency. To do this, just use the Rli service available on the Revenue website.
RLI web allows you to register leases directly online, without installing any software, communicate extensions, assignments and resolutions, exercise or revoke the option for the dry coupon. For registration with RLI web it is necessary to attach a copy of the contract, in TIF, TFF or PDF / A format. It is not mandatory to attach a copy of the contract, in the presence of these characteristics:
• residential lease
• the contract is entered into between natural persons who do not act in the exercise of a business, art or profession
• a number of lessors and tenants, respectively, not exceeding three
• a single housing unit and a number of appliances not exceeding three
• all properties must be registered with an annuity
• the contract exclusively contains the leasing relationship and therefore does not include further agreements

The critical issues during the health emergency
The main problems, however, arise from the offline part. Going into detail, in fact, the objective impediment does not derive from the bureaucratic part, but from the operational needs. “During the health emergency, in fact, making a move becomes almost impossible because the latest government provisions prevent work that is not strictly necessary, and the companies that operate removals are not among them.”
Basically, it is possible to rent a house without problems for short periods, “many people opted for the short term rent of a house where they could spend a quarantine period before reuniting with their family,” says Tulipano. And the same practice can be put in place for a long-term lease of an already furnished property that does not require a move
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